Thursday, January 7, 2010

On retirement income and guided tours

Quiet day for me at Fields, with not much happening related to our thematic program. The Institute itself was busy with the Short course on retirement income analytics, presented by the same triumvirate (Moshe Milevsky, Tom Salisbury and Huaxiong Huang) who will organize the Industrial-Academic Forum on Financial Engineering and Insurance Mathematics later in the program.

I spent the day updating the lecture notes for my course. We are using the Delbaen and Schachemayer book, which starts with a guided tour to the whole theory. But, since students are already finding it tough, I might have to write my own guided tour to the guided tour (with things like an introduction to the separating hyperplane theorem and the like). Of course this can lead to an infinite loop and I can quickly find myself writing about Peano's axioms, but I'll try to draw the line at something reasonable.

I have also learned how to post files on the additional site that I created for the program. Here are the papers that we discuss in the first lecture, containing the proof of the FTAP for finite probability spaces (among other things).

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