Monday, January 4, 2010

Modest beginnings

The thematic program officially begins today, although most of the action will start next week with the Workshop on Foundations of Mathematical Finance. Two of the graduate courses start this week, and students will have a special treat on Thursday with the guest lecture by Tomas Bjork.

I didn't go to Fields today, having spent the day sorting out a few unfinished 2009 business at McMaster, but since I resolved to post about the program everyday on this blog, I phone Alison Conway to ask what was happening.

She was slightly disappointed that not many people came to have the tea and biscuits (wait, that would have been in Cambridge) that she had prepared for the new visitors, as only two participants showed up: Kyoung-Kuk (Ken) Kim, who will be the Marsden Postodoctoral Fellow during our program, and Tom Salisbury, whom I talked about in my previous post. I guess when Tom said in his Fields newsletter article that he was "eagerly anticipating what looks to be an outstanding thematic program", he really meant it.

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