Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is the end, my only friend, the end

So after 6 months, 4 workshops, 5 industrial-academic forums, 3 public lecture series, 4 graduate courses, 2 seminar series, and 2 international conferences, our thematic program is coming to an end today.

I counted around 180 invited talks during the program, not including the talks at IME and Bachelier, which although part of the program took place outside Fields. The slides and audio for the majority of the talks can be found here.

Throughout the program, I experimented with posting comments on this blog and had great fun along the way. At the request of Fields, I will keep the blog up and report on any further developments that might arise in connection with the activities that took place here in the past 6 months. I plan to write about future meetings, papers, sites and people directly or inderectly connected with the program. Hopefully other participants will also become regular contributors to this blog (just send me a message and I'll add you as an author).

In any case, this is your blogger extraordinaire signing off for now, until I find something else to write about. In the mean time, let me thank you all for reading and please keep in touch !

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