Saturday, May 1, 2010

How I became a quant

Don't worry, I didn't really become a quant - I'm still a poor math professor. But this was the title of a panel we had at Fields this Friday, organized jointly by the IAFE and our thematic program.

The panel was preceded by a Program Directors luncheon bringing together for the first time representatives from the local financial math programs and the major Canadian banks to discuss topics of common interest, such as curriculum, scope, duration and format of the different programs.

After the panel we held a Recruiters Reception, where students could network with potential employers in quantitative finance.

An altogether successful and productive day, not to mention that I got to share a ride to the airport with two of the panelists, Raphael Douady and Marco Avellaneda, who are among the most interesting people in this business.

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  1. many thanks for the quant event information, I will keep my readers updated on it, cheers.