Sunday, March 21, 2010

Computational Workshop starts tomorrow

The second major workshop of the thematic program starts tomorrow at Fields and I thought I should provide a little bit of history like I did for the first workshop.

Paul Glasserman was a supporter of the thematic program from the very beginning. In fact he was part of a handful of people who gave us valuable advice when we were writing our Letter of Intent back in 2005. After that I contacted him again in January 2008 asking if he would like to chair the scientific committe for one of the workshops. By October 2008, with the addition of Mark Broadie as co-chair and Stathis Tompaidis and David Saunders as members, we had the committee formed and ready to work. They sent me a complete list of speakers in May 2009, at which point all the hard work was done and we could start publicizing the workshop.

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