Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Bachelier Congresses

Louis Bachelier is the undisputed father of mathematical finance, so it was only fitting that  the researchers who in 1996 formed a learned society to promote the discipline decided to call it the Bachelier Finance Society.

One of the main purposes of the society is to organize the Bachelier World Congresses, the premier international event in the area of mathematical finance. The congresses are held every second year and, by the time we started thinking about a thematic program at Fields, had already taken place in Paris (2000), Crete (2002) and Chicago (2004), with the next one already scheduled for Tokyo (2006). Since we thought it would be really neat to hold one in Toronto as part of the thematic program, we quickly decided that 2010 would be the most opportune date: 5 years from the last INI programme and with enough time to mount a succesful bid to the Bachelier Society, in case another group already had plans for 2008.

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